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We are a blockchain startup co-creation company

Our world is undergoing a massive technological transformation. Blockchain is one of the major technological inventions of the last decade that creates unprecedented opportunities to re-think the way the world operates and interacts.


We are at the forefront of this burgeoning technology, creating startups that will disrupt existing business paradigms with a new way of thinking, organizing, collaborating, and creating through decentralized applications.


Our mission is to enable a new generation of technology leaders to advance the world.

Your Launchpad for Success

Our mandate is to launch and invest in blockchain startups. We combine technical visionaries, seasoned entrepreneurs, and strategic capital to co-create new companies.

We typically provide three essential elements to all our ventures:

  • Flexible Capital
  • Access to technical and business expertise
  • Leadership and incubator-style support

Our diverse role and innovation ecosystem was designed specifically to equip ventures with the optimal launchpad for success.

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    Working alongside our venture partners, we dive deep and rigorously explore their key areas of interest to uncover opportunities and applications for disruptive blockchain solutions.

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    Our distinguished network of blockchain visionaries conduct extensive research to verify the potential of every opportunity. We validate all our ideas to ensure that we have identified a market ripe for disruption, real-world impact and a clear path to scalability and commercialization.

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    We apply a hands-on, incubator-style approach to accelerate growth and overlay our network, expertise, and capital to turn ideas into successful startups quickly and efficiently. We are typically involved anywhere from the idea stages of a company, to proof of concept, MVP and product launch.

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    With a long-term outlook, we immerse ourselves and provide early stage financing. As company and technology milestones are achieved, we invite follow-on investments from our capital network to take developed products to market.

We are actively seeking blockchain ventures.

Are you a top tier technologist, a proven entrepreneur, a new or established startup or an enterprise with a bold idea for blockchain disruption?


Our founders bring a depth of expertise spanning tech startups, high growth enterprises, enterprise software, blockchain development, advisory & mentorship, and investment.

Dmitry Buterin

Dmitry is a founder of three multi-million dollar tech businesses, including the top-ranked membership management software company, Wild Apricot, which provides tools and guidance to over 16,000 non-profit organizations. His son, Vitalik Buterin, is the inventor of Ethereum.

Dmitry Buterin
Jason Matthison
Managing Partner

Jason is a seasoned entrepreneur and early-stage business architect. He has eighteen years of highly diversified corporate and entrepreneurial investment and business building experience as a founder and executive leader of five companies.

Jason Matthison
Managing Partner
Vlad Martynov

Vladislav is CEO and a co-founder of Yota Devices. He has twenty years of experience in software and digital technology as a co-founder, angel investor and CEO of several highly successful startups. Vlad currently serves as a special advisor to the Ethereum Foundation.

Vlad Martynov
Ameer Rosic

Ameer is the CEO and co-founder of Blockgeeks.com. He is a marketing expert, investor and respected blogger in the blockchain field who has appeared as a commentator on VentureBeat, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.com.

Ameer Rosic

Our Partners

We are actively seeking blockchain ventures.

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We are a blockchain
startup co-creation company.
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